Powerful Fast Moving Land Rigs from China

Designed for extra fast relocation, Sovonex™ fast-moving desert rigs are moved as a complete unit, including mast and substructure. With the time to spud a new well reduced to about one day, our fast moving rigs save our customers a significant amount of money, especially in drilling pad operations.

Main Specifications

StandardsAPI 4F, API 7K, API 8C
Drill depths [4-1/2" DP]1,600 m-7,000 m (5,250 ft-23,000 ft)
Hook load1,700 kN- 4,500 kN (382,175 lbs-1,011,640 lbs)
Drawworks power750 hp-2,000 hp (550 kW- 1,470 kW)
Transmission typesElectrical, mechanical, compound drive
Climate-35℃-50℃ (-31°F-122°F)

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We are able to provide a wide selection surplus drilling equipment from China, both used and brand new. Currently we have 1 drilling rig in stock:

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