For Sale: 2000 HP, 60 Hz, Electric Drilling Rig

We have a brand new 2000 hp, 60 Hz, DC-SCR electric land rig in stock, suitable for drilling depths of up to 7000 m. Shipment of the rig, including the solid control system and all other components within 45 days.

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This item has already been sold. But if you let us know your requirements, we will help you find an alternative with fast delivery. For a general overview on this product, please visit the page Powerful Drilling Rigs for Sale - API Certified & Field-Proven.

Main Specifications

StandardsAPI Spec 4F, 7K, 8C
Nominal drilling depth7000 m (4-1/2" DP)
Max. hook load4500 kN
Max. drill string load2200 kN
Rated input power of drawworks2000 HP (1470 kW)
Rated power & quantity of mud pumps1600 HP (1200 kW) / 3 sets
Rated power & quantity of main engines1200 kW / 4 sets (CAT 3512B)
Rated power & quantity of auxiliary generator sets292 kW / 1 set (CAT C15)
Rated frequency60 Hz
Effective mast height45.5 m
Drill floor height10.5 m

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