For Sale: SCR Drilling Rig (2000 HP, 50 Hz)

Brand new 2000 hp SCR land rig available for sale. Robust and field-proven design. Complete DC rig package including top drive, solid control & and well control systems. In stock and ships within 30 days.

Main Specifications

StandardsAPI Spec 4F, 7K, 8C
Nominal drilling depth7000 m (5″DP)
Maximum hook load4500 kN
Maximum drill string weight2520 kN
Number strung6×7 (series)
Maximum line number12
Wireline diameterФ38 mm
Rated input power of drawworks2000 HP (1470 kW)
Shifting number of drawworks4 shifts, stepless regulation
Opening diameter of rotary tableФ952.5
Mud pumps3 x 1600 HP
Effective mast height46.5 m
Mast typeK type
Setback capacity5"- 28 m stand 7000m (including 10 drill collars)
Drill floor height10.5 m
Clearance height of rotary table beam9.12 m
Drill floor area (L × W)13.7 m × 11.66 m
Air tank capacity3.5 m³ + 2×2.5 m³
Main engines4 x 1200 kW (CAT3512B/SR4B DITA)
Auxiliary generators1 x 400 kW (Volvo HDL-TAD1232GZ)
Mud tank capacity660 m³

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