Drilling Equipment from China That Just Works

Do you have a drilling operation and want to import from China? Then welcome to the family! With our own Sovonex™ brand, we cater directly to people like you, the end customer, and don’t participate in any tenders. Contact us if you want your equipment to be on spec and on time — every time.

Our Strengths

API Drilling Equipment

With our team of drilling experts in China we are able to deliver API drilling equipment with the quality you expect, but at prices much lower than those of your local suppliers.

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Drilling Services

We coordinate several drilling crews and top drive engineers from China. With years of experience in the field, our experts help you cut your day rate without making any compromises.

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Drilling Inventory

The best lead time is no lead time at all. When you are on tight delivery terms, our selection of in stock drilling equipment enables you to deliver faster than your competitor.

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Your Advantages

Want to save money importing from China, but dread the idea of having to deal with all those manufacturers, comparing specs, prices, and lead times, checking quality and organizing shipping? Why not let us take care of all those things, so that you can focus on making money and don’t get lost in translation? We provide Western service at Chinese prices. Just check us out!