How We Deliver Highly Reliable Tubing

Our tubing is designed for an extra long service life. Once run into the hole, a Sovonex tubing string is there to stay with near-zero maintencance.

All raw pipes of common steel grades are produced at our own steel mill, thus making it possible to control the quality of the steel on a level not possible otherwise.

Special Purpose Tubing

Sometimes normal API tubing is not enough. For these situations we provide specialized tubing ideally suited for drilling applications such as:

  • Highly corrosive wells
  • Thermal recovery wells
  • Wells drilled in permafrost zones

Sovonex special purpose oilfield tubing includes vacuum insulated tubing, anti-corrosive and polylined tubing, all of which provide solutions to challenging drilling problems.

Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT)

Sovonex vacuum insulated tubing shows excellent thermal insulation making it an ideal choice in steam thermal recovery wells and the protection of permafrost zones. Casing failure due to ABP is significantly reduced, as heat is preserved in the tubing instead of entering the casing annulus.

Vacuum insulated tubing thus often makes the difference between producing a well and abandoning a well.

VIT consists of an inner and an outer tube with multilayer insulation, separated by a vacuumised annular space. Special heat resistant sealing ensures both a permanent vacuum and tight connections, even under high pressure. Getter materials reliably absorb any hydrogen to protect the vacuum.

Sovonex vacuum insulated tubing is available in different grades for temperatures ranging from 350 degrees up to close to 400 degrees.

Corrosion-Resistant Tubing

In highly corrosive environments like sour gas wells, during fracture acidizing, or in water injection wells, the service life of normal API tubing is significantly reduced and premature tubing failure becomes a serious problem.

Sovonex anti-corrosive tubing is coated with an impenetrable layer of epoxy powder resin, effectively sealing off the inner tubing wall from the environment. This line of defense results in excellent corrosion resistance, reduced abrasion, and extra long service life.

Polylined Tubing

Sovonex polylined tubing is lined and sealed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to minimize wear on the sucker rods and isolate the tubing from a corrosive environment.

The low friction surface of HDPE reduces the abrasive forces acting on the rod string, which greatly extends the service life of the sucker rods, especially in deviated wells. At the same time HDPE is highly resistant to most chemicals, making our HDPE lined tubing ideally suited for water and chemical injection wells.

Sovonex polyliners also minimize wear on the rod string and help our customers save considerable costs over the entire life of the well by increasing the service life of the main downhole production tools.

GOST Tubing

The GOST tubing standard exceeds API 5CT and has been tailored to meet the specific drilling requirements in Russia.

Certified by the Russian national standards body, Sovonex GOST tubing has a strong competitive advantage in the Russian market as well as other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.