Your Direct Link to Drilling Equipment and Services from China

We are experts of the Chinese petroleum industry. Whether you plan to import drilling equipment safely from China, or are looking for a skilled drilling crew at competitive prices, we’ve got you covered.

Our Strengths

API Drilling Equipment

With our team of drilling experts in China we are able to deliver API drilling equipment with the quality you expect, but at prices much lower than those of your local suppliers.

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Drilling Services

We coordinate several drilling crews and top drive engineers from China. With years of experience in the field, our experts help you cut your day rate without making any compromises.

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Drilling Inventory

The best lead time is no lead time at all. When you are on tight delivery terms, our selection of in stock drilling equipment enables you to deliver faster than your competitor.

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Your Advantages

With the oil price down, reducing unnecessary costs is even more important. We help you do just that—but without the risks associated with imports from China.

Save Time

We value your time. With us taking care of your drilling equipment supplies and providing drilling expertise, you have your mind free to focus on your customers.

Save Money

Competitive prices and our extensive expertise of the Chinese petroleum industry provide considerable cost savings without you taking any risks.

Save Trouble

We have the resources to manage all your drilling equipment supplies. On time and in perfect condition. No more getting frustrated with handling many different suppliers.

Acquire Expertise

Our drilling crews and top drive experts from China are skilled on par with their their colleagues at Baker-Hughes and other oilfield service companies.

Feel at Home

As an international team we enjoy communicating with you in your native tongue. You can contact us in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, or Russian.