About Us

Founded in 2008 by a small team of drilling enthusiasts, Sovonex Technology (formerly named Sovonex International) has since then established a wide network of partner manufacturers and petroleum experts in China. With such amount of expertise we are able to tackle even the most complex projects.

Who We Are

Stefan Rohlfing

Co-Founder, COO

Hi, I’m Stefan. I have been living in China for over a decade. I’m fluent in Chinese and deeply acquainted with the local business culture.

At Sovonex Technology, I’m responsible for assisting manufacturers in correctly interpreting and implementing customer requirements.

I’m also the main contact partner for our English and German speaking customers.

Eric Wang

Founder, CEO

Having grown up near a major oil field in China, Eric got in touch with the petroleum industry early on.

He holds a degree in petroleum engineering and has worked at top drive and drilling service companies before founding Sovonex Technology.

Besides his extensive knowledge of the Chinese drilling sector, Eric’s excellent negotiation skills have helped to our customers on many occasions.